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OPEN DESIGN 2021/06/30 10:40(204天前)

設計概念 Design concept

簡兆芝室內設計 簡兆芝 主持設計師 以「追求平衡」的現代手法,重新詮釋古典美學,細心安排的軟裝比重,與合宜調配的深淺色調,使這座通透開闊的宅邸,呈現一片風格沉穩、細節輕巧的精緻景色,搭配午後陽光灑落時,於角落悄然綻放的金屬光澤,熠熠生輝的迷人風采,成就居家場域的優雅靈魂

INK DESIGN SPACE presiding designer Kathy Chien adopts the modern skill of "pursuing balance" to reinterpret the classical aesthetics. Meticulously arrange the furnishing proportion and adjust various shades and tones properly bring about the stylish situation of steady ambiance and exquisite details of the open and spacious residence. The sheeny afternoon sunshine gently distributes glamorous touch, excellently accomplished the elegant mood of the homey circumstance.

設計手法 Design techniques

平衡感官 創新典雅
Harmonious chic features


Exploit the "asymmetrical balance" scheme as the core of the design concept to increase plenty features of the plane pattern: at first, optionally display an artistic-painting and a few art-decors on both sides of the TV cabinet in the living area. In addition, the bedsides of the master bedroom and two secondary bedrooms mix and match the graceful nightstands, stylish table lamps with the light-weight ceiling lamps and hanging drawings; by way of the diversify furnishing configuration harmonize the vision ratio, so that subjoin the modern and dynamic elements into the classy environment.

光彩相映 明媚日常
Brilliant color mapping


Adopt the elegant color theme of pale and warm tinge as the prime tone to assort with the selected brass furniture, and well-lit site, fashion the delightful and gorgeous scenes. And further, make use of wall coverings of varied texture and hues to meet the usage purpose and atmosphere demands, such as the warm gray tone of the composed temperament of the study, and the light purple/gray woody grain on the bedside wall surface of the private areas. Besides, set up a feature wall of the public domain with polished laminate panels, the delicate texture marries the gentle beige tinge that perfectly magnifies the stylish situation.

方圓之間 寄寓願景
Successful upcoming prospect


Employ light-colored cypress wood to set up most cabinets and the wall of the master bedroom, so as to work in concert with the prime pale tone; furthermore, trim the edges with dark rosewood to create the active linear feature of the field. Also, take advantage of the round-shape art-decors and lighting fixtures to moderate the angular space. The circular features not only soften the visual perception, at the same time, signify the perfect harmony of the family. The imagery ingeniously endows the remarkable vision for the future life.

The foyer


Due to the foyer of long and narrow pattern, the designer elevates the ceiling and paste tea mirrors on both sides walls, which enlarge the space via the dark golden mirrors reflection; while entering the house, people immediately receive the soft and distinguished ambiance. The marble countertop on the left side serves as an art exhibition platform, and the underneath position can place a shoe stool, as well as to create the exclusive beauty of the corridor.

The living-dining area


The French windows of draw back structure in the public domain introduce plentiful sunlight, yet not too hot and dry. Therefore, the designer boldly selects the leather sofa and dining chairs of bright and warm tinge to set off the beige wall. The shiny decorations on the wall beneath the sunshine cast the refined and stylish texture. And the painting beside the TV wall of greenish-blue hue enriches the style and color of the space by means of the modern chilly tone.


The dining table is composed of the easy-care thin artificial stone board and brass supports. The light and graceful feature jumps off the traditional type, moreover, add the unique artistry via the elegant texture. The chandelier of extending brackets and circular lamps excellently corporate with the rectangular tabletop of curved edge. The concise geometric linear features of the dining area ingeniously bring about the mellow dining atmosphere.

The study

The black-dyed white oak desk of substantial texture like an ink slab settles a calm and cultured charm of the study. In contrast, the pendant cabinets on the wall present the lightweight feature via the recessed lights. Furthermore, the cabinets can be freely dismantled and reset that meet the homeowner's future demands of transforming as a guest room or other purposes.

The master bedroom

Owing to the structural crossbeam of the building leads to the height difference of the master bedroom ceiling. Therefore, exploit the crown-molding pattern to present the high ceiling feature. In addition, take advantage of the wall and door of light color wooden grain to fashion an open and comfy repose environment. In the selection of bedding, choose sizeable cozy throw pillows to take the place of the headboard, and by changing the colors to couple with the fitted sheet. With the variation of mood and preference, finely create the appealing touch of the ordinary sleeping time.

The secondary bedroom

The furnishing layouts of the two secondary bedrooms proceed with the elegant theme of the overall space. On the other hand, the wardrobes finish with the unique simple linear feature and recessed handle to outline the clear and reduced design. Fix up a display cabinet on the sidewall, and through the inner ledge feature and the inlaid mirrors to alleviate the stress caused by the ceiling. The performances of "aesthetics" adorn the private field with a more soothing and loving manifestation.



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