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OPEN DESIGN 2021/01/15 14:01(277天前)

設計概念 Design concept

「泰初有無 ,無有無名。」──莊子天地篇。

“At the creation of the universe, there are no names for nonexistence and existence” from “The Heaven & Earth Chapter” of Zhuangzi.




“Nonexistence” is not about substances nor is it void; from nonexistence to existence, then from existence to nonexistence to ultimately improve to “myself coexisting with heaven and earth and all beings and I are becoming one”.  From the beginning of this case, I refuse to use any mechanical symbols of eras for style and aesthetic concept of craftsmanship to spare excessive interpretation.  Instead, I harmonically combined the abstract features of style and aesthetic art with the changes of light and shadow, the smooth traffic flow as well as the interpretation of its functions to create a space that is imaginative and nonrestrictive.

設計規劃 Design plan


The moment you step into the front door, what awaits you is a see-through layout composed of living room, kitchen and dining room located one after another. This layout is without the restrictions of traditional one that is defined by lines and frames.  Except for openness for traffic flow on the borders of different areas, all openness is hidden behind walls. This pattern defines the aesthetics of different spaces as well as separating different areas, outlining the open and bright space while allowing inhabitants to see the simplified and sleek arrangement in the layout. The design ideas for existence & nonexistence and silence carry the inhabitants’ expectations for life. It also displays the spirit of life and traces of life openly and clearly: go with the flow and be at ease and carefree.

設計重點 Design point

1.    在九十坪的空間中,只用單一材質:橡木木地板,貫穿所有空間(除浴室外)。隔間牆門、櫃體用白色系統櫃體去微劃分居室各所屬機能,讓空間顯現最原始的樣態與光影層次變化。在此空間,眼睛所及有彩度的地方為橡木木地板,特別切割木地板尺寸每一塊為275公分乘以30公分,讓其與牆面、壁面形成比例合宜的視覺密度。

1.One single material in all 297.52 square meters space: oak flooring is used in the entire space (excluding the bathroom); partition walls, doors and white system cabinets are used to define functions in different rooms; eventually what meets the eye is the original state of the space and various layers of light & shadow. In this space, the only color you see is the color of the oak wood flooring; and cutting the floor piece to 275 x 30 cm together with the walls, seamlessly forming a perfect proportion for visual gratification.

2.    因樓高只有280公分,特將系統整合設置於開放性過道上方:照明、空調濾清、水電管線有序地整合到天花板裡,視覺上保持淨空,無壓迫感。

2. The most difficult part lies in system integration. With a 280 cm high ceiling, lighting, AC system, water pipes and electricity circuits are neatly tucked away inside the ceiling over an open passage way to keep the space visually clear and stress-free.


設計團隊:圭侯設計 洪文諒 設計總監
項目坪數:90坪(300 m²)

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