浩室設計 - 反璞歸真 Return to Innocence

時尚家居 2020/05/13 16:05(88天前)


設計鬼才邱炫達獲 2020 A’DESIGN AWARD一銀二銅!剖析3設計案窺視獲獎機密

素有「設計界的奧斯卡」之稱的義大利國際設計大獎ADESIGN AWARD (A’設計大獎賽),2020年最新得獎名單已出爐,浩室設計總監邱炫達分別以(浩室辦公室-返樸歸真)、(以裁縫之名)、(即景之奏)三件作品拿下一銀雙銅。每年匯聚全球的設計好手競相角逐,唯有菁英者才能得此榮耀!今年台灣也有不少設計師參加競賽,而譽稱為「設計鬼才」的邱炫達如何在眾多設計界佼佼者中雀屏中選,將美學與實用兼容並蓄,展現其獨特的設計格局,更是耐人尋味。


外牆以鐵件隔柵與玻璃帷幕形成極現代又簡約的入口意象。此案為室內設計工作室規劃 : 一樓為接待洽談空間,二樓為會議空間及半戶外休憩空間,三樓為工作區。將空間與風格的樣貌,用簡單材質搭配,構築原貌,再利用空間本身三維面上的切割,增添許多挑空與廊道,如實在空間布局上下功夫,跳脫空間設計以色彩或造型繁複奪目的手法,呈現純粹的空間變化以達「反樸歸真」的狀態,以非常精簡的預算,完成規劃適切的使用空間。

The extraordinary modern and elegant impression of the building façade, which is adorned with the metal sheets and glass curtains, has been delicately unveiled. The first floor of the floor plan, for the office owned by the interior design company, delineates the reception area. The second floor composed of the office meeting room area and staff break room, which is outside the indoor space. The third floor, moreover, consists of the working area. The designs of space and style, embellished with the plain materials, expose the authentic characters. The ingenious application of the stereoscopic space features exceptionally magnifies the indoor space whiling constructing the indoor elevated walkway meanwhile. The solid design expertise, distinct from those showing the splendid colors and sophisticated styles, highlights the true essences of space that persists in the state of “return to innocence.” The extraordinary modern and elegant impression The interior design plan, with economical budget, precisely completes the decent office decoration plan.





The floor plan of the first floor encompasses the open reception area. The reception counter adorned with the Italian marbles and gorgeous wall displaying the gorgeous pattern by the crafty hand paint gracefully defines the space charms as tranquility and spirituality. Showing the numerous design competition awards, the exhibition cabinet made of wood and glass, along with the adjoined cast-iron display panel, is captivating. Being public but undisturbed, the elegant sofa and round coffee tables, on the left, are congruously integrated with the entire space. The indoor elevated walkway, on the second floor, highlights the high-reaching and magnificent features, which balance the elements of functions and visuals as well.

The office meeting area, on the second floor, is ornamented with the long wood table and book wall, both of which are intriguing and agreeable. The authentic structures of the exposed ceiling cleanly fill this area with the appealing linear elements. The elevated indoor walkway adeptly joints the office meeting area and staff break room, which is outside the indoor space. The delicate plants, as well as the warm sunlight cozily scattering in this office break room, unconsciously alleviates the working stress and elegantly evolves into the alluring scene. The sunlight showering through the metal sheets amazingly spawns the scenic ambience in the house.

The exquisite tiles and clear glass furnished as the wall surfaces on the third floor, where located as the working area, create the distinguishing attractions. This working area, disclosing the elegant industrious style, is furnished the island long working table that adeptly establishes two traffic flows on the sides.



The overall design plan integrates the divergent materials and transcends the borders of space styles that reach out the limits of nihility and actuality, and that inspire the countless design ideas as well.